Caimari is the perfect location for practicing mountain sports. Due to its position you can enjoy road cycling, MTB, hiking, rock climbing, canyoning and a lot more.


Mallorca is the top popular location of cycling in Europe. What makes Mallorca special is all types of countryside being all reachable on a daily ride. From February till June and from September until November you will find in Mallorca the perfect weather conditions for outdoor sports. These are only a few reasons why Mallorca is one of the most preferred destination for triathlon camps and for all the big cycling teams that come every year for the season preparations.


Apart from all these different activities, there are even a lot more nearby our Hotel. Horse Riding, Kayaking, Coasteering, Snorkelling, Caving and many more.


For more information regarding any sport you would like to practise whilst staying in our hotel, do not hesitate to contact us.